Monday, January 17, 2011

Coyote in the Yard

coyote Last night, I took my dogs out for their final pee before bedtime. While they were busy barking at three deer across the street, I happened to look over at my neighbor's yard where a motion-sensor light was triggered. There, scrounging around under the bird feeder, was a coyote. I've seen a few coyotes in the past and always have the same reaction: Whoa. Is that a dog? No. Acts funny. A fox? No. Too tall. A coyote? Yes. My guess is that he was after the small animals that might have been poking around the feeder.

I put my hands on my hips and he immediately took off. (This technique works well with spouses and children too). I was surprised that the coyote and deer didn't seem to care about each other. But then, coyotes go after small rodents. (Although there have been reports of coyotes taking down cats and small dogs.) And we all know that nothing scares off deer.

In any case, I'll be careful not to let my dogs out without their bodyguard (me).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Note to Subscribers

I'm reviving this Blogger blog--which was quite dormant while I was setting up a new website for Columbia Dogs on the Go and experimenting with some blogger tools on the new software. (I decided I like Blogger best.)

I will be moving abut 4-5 posts to this site, so I apologize in advance if you get several at once. Things should get straightened out in another day or so.

Thanks again for subscribing! Hope you'll stick with us!